Amehl is the fashion label of contemporary interdisciplinary artist Amanda Mehl. Amanda combines her art background and fashion industry experience to create a unique collection that is fun and progressive. Before starting her own label Amanda studied art and worked full time as a visual artist which contributed to her fresh ideas and turning of raw materials into well executed garments. Amanda grew up in fashion as the daughter of fashion designer Beverly Mehl, learning the industry from within and hitting the streets of the garment district at an early age. Learning the industry from her mother directly was an invaluable source for her in learning how to produce flattering and well made garments.  When Amanda isn't working on a collection she is making dynamic multidisciplinary art installations and performances that exist in the realms of the internet and contemporary gallery spaces. She integrates mediums such as sculpture, photography, digital art, video, light, and sound into her installations to create interactive visual experiences which can be characterized by the same humor and energy that are present in her fashion label. In both her art and her fashion she enjoys mocking the seriousness of the art and fashion worlds and developing her distinct visual language which is about attitude, spirit, and spontaneity. Amanda Mehl was born in Buenos Aires, lived in Tel Aviv for 10 years and is currently living in New York. The collection is made in NYC.

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