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I'm amanda mehl, an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and designer. i was born in Buenos Aires and now live in brooklyn. i founded NYC based fashion label amehl in 2016. my mother beverly mehl is (an amazing) fashion designer so i had real hands on training since childhood. amehl combines my art background and fashion industry experience to create a unique label that is visionary, experimental and progressive while at the same time well made and flattering. i love challenging preconceptions of beauty but i also like to make people look and feel beautiful. i treat fashion as high culture and create collections full of meaningful ideas. i've been told the soul and integrity comes through. humor is important too. the visuals and messages we create are just as important to me as the clothes. my shows are known to make headlines for their creativity and have been held in alternative venues such as a school bus, a hardware store, and the floral and diamond districts. a strong creative community has formed around amehl. it's a big collaborative family. we create events, performances and films. since i have an art background i make most of my own creative content. I also freelance for other brands. My work encompasses design, Sculpture, film directing, photography, digital art, video editing, graphic design, creative direction, branding campaigns, wardrobe styling, prop design, and set dressing. my distinct aesthetic embodies bold attitude, spirit, beauty and spontaneity. if you'd like to work with me or For any inquiries email me at

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