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Sculpture. Film. Fashion. Acting. Installation. Photography. Lighting. Digital art.
Performance. Video art.
 Magic. Interdisciplinary. Intuition. Instincts. Passion. Imperfection. Experiments. Existence. Life. Self Portraits. Set design. 

Artist Statement

Rituals. Shrines. Sacred. Ceremonies. Parades. Decadence. Jewelry. Worship. Deities.

Feasts. Awards ceremonies. Corporeality. Prestige. Satire. Bourgeoisie. Consumerism. Advertisements. 

Motivational spam. Corporate logos. Heritage. Roleplay. Fictional organizations, corporations and sponsors. Propaganda. Mysterious objects. Dystopia. Souvenirs. Fascism. Status. Decorative weapons. Display cases. Patriotic gaslighting. Trophies. Tassels. Drapes. Textiles. Populism. Phantasmagoria. Decay. Patriarchy. Hierarchies. Sensationalism.  American Dream. 

Old theater tricks. Collective unconscious. Psychedelic dimensions. Demons. 

Post-internet. Subjectivity. Male fragility. Creating meaning. Analogue projections. Fetishism. Evil eye. Desire. The Absurd. Aliens. Ancient spells. Imitation. Mania. Superstition. Visceral. Primordial. Old trees. Making friends with the ego. Flesh. Existentialism. Grotesque. Saints. Hedonism. Personalized photo gifts. Ancient Greece. Classicism. Ornaments. 

Lucky charms. Judaica. Artifacts. Mental constructs. Nihilism. Our transient physicality. Dollar stores. Treasure. Nouveau riche. Extravagance. Surrealism. Spontaneity. Not everything has to be defined. 

Altered consciousness. Simulacra. Minimalism is obnoxious and repressive. Dionysian. Chaotic symmetry. Mythology. Marxism. Rhizome. The ratrace. Materialism isn't superficiality. Lessons from nature. Fuck non attachment. Social media as a stage. The space between things. Smoke and mirrors. Campaigns. Photo ops. Finding beauty in banality. Vanity. Supernature. Dreams. Parallel approaches to art and love. Old Hollywood studios. Messages from the streets. The materiality of pixels. Archeology. Telenovelas. Gentrification. Matter. Shadows. Capitalism. Temples. Fantasy. Ghosts. Slime. Fog. Flowers. Sensuality. Hardware. Cognitive dissonance. Stream of consciousness. No self restraint. Technically we're just molecules. Non-linear. Expression. The Elements. Texture. Sci-fi. Retro-futurism.

The politics of color and aesthetics. Humor (but no cynicism).

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