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I was born in Buenos Aires, immigrated to New York as a child and spent some years in Tel Aviv where I studied art and had several gallery shows. In 2016 I moved to Brooklyn and founded Amehl, an experimental

fashion and digital content production label that blurs the lines of art and fashion. 

Amehl functions as an interdisciplinary collaborative creative community.

I work as a creative director, filmmaker, photographer, visual artist and fashion designer.


2010- 2012     Visual Arts          Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl  

2009-2010      Visual Arts          Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv
2004                  Illustration          Fashion Institute of Technology, NY
2002                  Fine Art                Parson’s School of Design, NY


Solo Exhibition

2021 "Handle with Care", Beverly's, NYC; curator: Leah Dixon

2020 "Precious", video screened at Zaz10 Corner billboard, Times Square

2019 "Jouissance!!!" - performance art at The Storefront Project gallery, NYC; curator Andrew Hutner

2016 "The Ritz TLV - A Project of Once in Ten Thousand Years", Gabirol Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Tali Kayam

2015 "$chatzkammer", STA Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Alina Deckel

2014 "TFU TFU TFU", HaHanut Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Alina Deckel

2014 "korBan", Matchbacco Gallery, Tokyo; curator: Kenichi Nakahashi

2014 "Dreamscape Construction", Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Chiba, Japan; curator: Joey Li

2014 “Chamber of Otherworldly Delights”, Plaza Gallery at Tokyo Art Museum (TAM), Tokyo; curator: Reviva Regev 2014 “Souvenirs from the Depths of the Holyland”, Brown Lab, Tel Aviv

2013 “OMG”, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Adi Levy 

2008 “Amanda Mehl”, Solo Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Danna Taggar Heller


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 "New York Women", The Locker Room Gallery, NYC

2021 "The 2021 Official Art Basil Award Ceremony Gala", performance with The Locker Room Gallery, Miami 

2015 "ULTRA Y", Nuzha Youth Art Gallery, Jaffa; curator: Liav Mizrahi

2015 "Necessarious", Matchbacco Gallery, Tokyo; curator: Kenichi Nakahashi and Sacha Bansemer

2014 "Deadline", Merchav Art Space; curator: Yuval Caspi

2014 “Sluxury”, The Lobby Art Space, Tel Aviv; curator: Orit Mor

2014 “Alfred XL’, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: gallery

2013   Fundraiser for the Levinski Library, Beit Binyamini, Tel Aviv; curator: Ravit Harari

2013   Hanina fundraiser, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: gallery

2013 “Back to the Beginning”, Contemporary by Golconda, Tel Aviv; curator: Iris Mendel

2013 “Digging Up”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Reut Sulema Linker

2013 “Portas Abertas”, Forum art and cultural center, Portugal

2013 “Base Colors”, public art project in an abandoned army base at the Israeli/Lebanese border

2012   Graduate Exhibition of the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl

2012 “Intervention in Public Space”, public art for the Tel Aviv Art Year

2009 “White Trash”, Tel Aviv; curator: Inbal Limor, Shameless, and myself

2009 “On The Spot (ecosfera)”, Ein Hod; curator: Danna Taggar Heller

2008 “The Little Crater”, Hamachtesh Hakatan, Givatayim

See PRESS for published films, show reviews, news coverage and profile features
2022 Lady Lockdown Residency at Locker Room Gallery, NYC
2014  Artist in Residency at the Ichihara Lakeside Museum workshop program, Chiba, Japan



2010 - present

2010 - present

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